Monthly Archives: August 2021

Back to Normal and Moving Forward

Summertime is in the air across all three campuses and life is feeling good again. The smiles on the community members’ faces say, “We are returning to life as we knew it.” If you are talking to Browning Masonic Community members, they would want you to see the Hartzell Pavilion. The “Jack Hartzell” Pavilion is…
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A Message from the Grand Master

Brethren All, The Sun is at high-twelve, and it is truly beautiful and glorious! I hope you are happy and healthy after the “dark” winter & spring we have experienced. There are many things to do. Please come back to your Lodge where your Officers are excited to go back to labor. They need your…
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A Message from the Chairman

A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE The Board of Trustees of The Ohio Masonic Home and The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation Board of Trustees have been actively planning for the future of your Ohio Masonic Home. The constantly changing environment of senior retirement communities has required many changes to adapt to future trends in senior care.…
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A Message from the CEO

Dear Brethren, As 2021 continues to fly by, we have been very busy planning for the future and the repositioning of our Ohio Masonic Home campuses. All three of our campuses are experiencing significant changes as we plan for the future. We will be announcing soon our next project at our Western Reserve Masonic Community…
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