Monthly Archives: March 2015

Scottish Rite Building

While the new Scottish Rite building is going up, the old Scottish Rite wing of the Rickly building has come down. As the Springfield Masonic Community campus completes this transformation with a tentative opening in the autumn of 2015, it will be fulfilling its mission to partner with its residents in aging how they want,…
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Ohio Masonic Home Emergency Assistance Program

The Ohio Masonic Home is pleased to share that as of January 1, 2015 emergency assistance is available to Ohio Freemasons for aging, health, or safety needs. The purpose of the Ohio Masonic Home Emergency Assistance Fund is to help people financially through a tough time. The goal is to serve as many worthy and…
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The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center: An Introduction

What is this Resource Center? The Ohio Masonic Home brings you a one-stop phone call for aging questions, needs and issues, and that is this resource center. It is designed to assist in keeping Masons and their families as healthy and independent as possible. Based simply on the idea of “aging how you want and…
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The Shadow

by Jason Eddy He sat all alone in the chamber, lit only by a candle’s small flame, On the wall was a shadow of himself, On the wall was a shadow with no name. He began to question his place here, the way that he’d lived his whole life. Constantly battling with something, and constantly…
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