Back to Normal and Moving Forward

Summertime is in the air across all three campuses and life is feeling good again. The smiles on the community members’ faces say, “We are returning to life as we knew it.”

If you are talking to Browning Masonic Community members, they would want you to see the Hartzell Pavilion. The “Jack Hartzell” Pavilion is honoring the outstanding work that Jack has done as the Chairman of the Board for Browning Masonic Community. Community members are excited to enjoy this new space which is complete with an outdoor kitchen, pergola, and a fire pit as well as raised gardens. Everyone is ready to enjoy the pavilion with neighbors, family and friends.

If you see the community members or the staff at Springfield Masonic Community, you will find them back in their exercise room. It has reopened! Classes are being offered again to help keep the community members moving and feeling stronger. Using the exercise equipment as well as the exercise classes were stopped during the pandemic. The room was used as a “scrub hub,” a place for employees to change into scrubs before starting work. This was a precaution to keep community members safe during the pandemic. Now that summertime is in full swing, it’s time to get active again.

If you are looking for community members at Western Reserve Masonic Community (WRMC), you might have to look off campus to find some of them. Community members are enjoying the little things, such as shopping at local grocery stores. Groceries were brought to everyone during the pandemic, but sometimes it just feels good to walk around the store and find something you may not have thought of when writing your grocery list.

Maybe you don’t want groceries, you just want to eat out. There are men’s and women’s groups going out for breakfast and lunches. You can find opportunities for both casual and fine dining. WRMC community members are looking forward to some lectures and educational speakers, as well as the fall bonfires. The annual Rummage Sale is back this year on August 28th from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM and the public will be invited.

Summertime across The Ohio Masonic Home campuses is full of hope and anticipation as life is returning to normal. Just take a look at the community members and you will see the excitement on their faces.

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