Monthly Archives: August 2017

Coming Soon: OMH Print Shop Fraternal Essentials Page

The OMH Print Shop is pleased to announce plans for a Fraternal Essentials online shop at www.omhprintshop.com. The Print Shop prides itself on producing one-of-a-kind products to fit every need at a reasonable price. However, a new line of ready-to-go products with standard designs is in the works with the intention of quick turnaround, ease…
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Veterans, Patriots, Masons, Men: Sojourners

The Purposes of National Sojourners shall be to organize current and former members of the uniformed forces of the United States, and Honorary Members, who are Master Masons and U.S. citizens into Chapters, for the promotion of good fellowship among its members, for assisting such as may be overtaken by adversity or affliction, for cultivating…
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