Monthly Archives: January 2018

REPLACE YOURSELF – Ensuring our future . . . one brother at a time

Picture this, a lodge room that is full at every meeting. A constant stream of new candidates. A young and vibrant officer line. New lodges forming, financial stresses lifted, and new members ready to help build the future of Ohio Freemasonry. Can you remember when our fraternity looked like this? How would you like to…
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Eric R. (Rick) Schau Elected & Installed Grand Master

Most Worshipful Brother Eric R. Schau (aka Rick) was born in Marietta, Ohio on February 2, 1947 to the late Betty Jean (Abicht) and Lester B. Schau. He lived in Marietta until age 9 when his family moved to Elyria. He graduated from Elyria High School in 1965 and worked at Ford Motor Company until…
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The Resource Center: “Opening New Worlds”

James came to the Resource Center a few years ago. He originally called looking for resources for home health care after being in the hospital for an extended period of time. Through the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center, he was connected to a home care agency, and also provided a food card to replace groceries…
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It’s Not All Monkey Business

In an age of laptop computers, smart phones and Skype, we often forget that thousands of people have spent millions of hours working on projects and creating technology that has made a historical difference. One such person is Brother C. David Miller PhD, who resides today at our Springfield Masonic Community (SMC). It should be…
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