The Shadow

by Jason Eddy He sat all alone in the chamber, lit only by a candle’s small flame, On the wall was a shadow of himself, On the wall was a shadow with no name. He began to question his place here, the way that he’d lived his whole life. Constantly battling with something, and constantly surrounded by strife. He knew that the shadow was symbolic, that his life had so far been in dark. He knew that his legacy was nothing, a shadow that had not left a mark. Today he would move from the shadow, from the darkness out into the Light He took his first step with his left foot, as he walked his new path on that night. For a short time he remained in the shadow, with his heart, not his eyes, he could see. The three great lights on the altar, and a glimpse of the man he could be. For these ancient symbols before him, held meaning that no words could convey. In that moment the shadow of his profane life, by the Light had been driven away. And so he picked up the new tools, presented by the Master that night. In the North East corner of the Lodge room, where he’d proudly stood just and upright. Now working in stone is not easy, improving upon the life he’d come from. But now he was an Entered Apprentice, and with time he knew mastery would come.

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