Turning Dreams Into Reality

I read something once that said, “Dreams are just dreams unless you have a plan. Plans turn dreams into realities.” Dreams are like butterflies that float around in our heads and our hearts; all of them are beautiful and bring smiles to our faces. The true dreams keep nagging at us like a butterfly that keeps landing, trying to tell us something. These are the dreams we need to put plans to and bring to reality. We all have dreams and if we are honest with ourselves, we often just let them stay dreams because we feel that they are unattainable. We use excuses like I’m too old, or I’m too tired, or the worst one… I don’t deserve it. These are limiting phrases we play in our heads that send us down the rabbit hole of just surviving life. I think we all deserve to live life to the fullest, and should therefore pay attention to the butterflies that fly in our heads and hearts. Thus, we need to do that terrible task of planning. Most people do not like to plan, but without it our dreams slowly fade away. Planning takes discipline and time, but if we are to make our dreams realities it is worth it. We here at the Ohio Masonic Home, along with the board of trustees and executive staff are beginning a strategic planning process that will take us into the next three to five years. This is the time to take the dreams we all have of being the trusted resource to help people age respectfully, and begin planning how we will bring them to reality over the next few years. We want to live our collective dream of being the largest expression of service and philanthropy for Free and Accepted Masons in Ohio. We dream of being your Ohio Masonic Home and serving as many of our brethren as possible as the partner in the aging journey. As we take this time to plan our future, I encourage all of you to reflect on what your dreams are and plan how you would like to attain them. Most importantly, tell someone. You might find someone with a common interest and gain a partner who will encourage you while you pursue your dreams. Dreams can and do come true and we can all live the dream of caring for one another, being compassionate to each other, and expressing concern that we all do the right thing for the right reason. Enjoy the months ahead and I wish you well on your journey to living your dreams.

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