Message of Gratitude

Dear Ohio Masons, I’m the parent of a Special Olympics athlete who competed this weekend at the state games. I got the chance to shake the hands of several Masons following the Opening Ceremonies, but I was too choked up to express how much your hard work is truly appreciated. We live in small town Jackson, Ohio with an even smaller community of families affected by developmental delays. So often our kids get overlooked and underappreciated even though they work so hard just to survive in a world that isn’t built for their disabilities be they physical or developmental. Special Olympics is such a celebration OF their accomplishments and abilities. You can’t imagine the immense amount of relief I feel one weekend a year being able to relax and not worry about my son being made uncomfortable by stares. Please share this message of gratitude with as many men who participated this weekend as possible. I want each and every one of them to understand they’re a hero simply by being there. Thank you so much for everything your organization does to support this profound and inspirational celebration of my son’s abilities. This weekend he felt acceptance and love on a grand scale, and words just don’t express how much it’s appreciated Amy Miller Proud mom of Alex Belcher, Special Olympics athlete! (Alex can be seen in the middle of the photo.)

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