Tipp City Brother helps community through philanthropy and volunteering

Zack Jacobs, Past Master of Tippecanoe Lodge #174 is making a big impact in his community through charitable giving.

Zack is the owner of a family-run State Farm office on Main Street in Tipp City. He was nominated as a Dayton Daily News Community Gem by Susie Gray of the Tipp City area.

He has stopped budgeting money from his business for marketing, which he didn’t feel he was getting a big return on. He’s since used it in a more charitable-driven budget. The thought was that people will see a small business rolling up their sleeves, donating time and money to the community. That might also attract customers and influence other businesses to do the same.

He posts information on the business Facebook page about the organizations they are working with at the moment. In spotlighting these nonprofits, he can shine a light on what they are doing and hopefully move other local organizations to follow suit.

The organizations Jacobs has worked with include Shoes 4 the Shoeless, Project Believe for foster kids living in residential facilities, Downtown Tipp City Partnership, United Way, Tipp Monroe Community Services, students at Tippecanoe High School with financial literacy programs, and many more! Zack also reached out, along with colleagues, to those in the region who were affected by the 2019 Memorial Day tornado outbreak. He was on the ground within 12 hours of the storm, making sure people were taken care of. During this time, he also reached out to his colleagues to determine how he could help the rebuilding and support the local community.

“The focus of the giving changes on a regular basis. I try to look at what’s important to the community and step in to fill a need as needed,” Jacobs said. He also tries to donate blood on a regular basis and volunteers at Graham School District, where he grew up. He has also donated to and volunteered for the Miami County Abuse Shelter, Springfield City Youth Mission, and Pink Ribbon Girls.

Susie Gray wrote, “He has demonstrated a quiet philanthropy through the Dayton region. This includes not only giving of funds to support local charitable endeavors, but also an extraordinary amount of personal time to various charitable and nonprofit organizations throughout his Tipp City community and our Dayton region.”

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