The Power of A Symbol

One morning in May, Brother Steve Ware, received a call from one of his co-workers, who had just found a discarded Masonic wallet along Interstate 70 near Wheelersburg, WV. The wallet did not contain a driver’s license or any money, but it did have two association cards with the name of the probable owner. Knowing that Steve was a Freemason, his co-worker thought Steve might be able to find the owner. One of the cards was from the American Speech, Language, Hearing Association. A search for the owner’s name on Facebook came up with just one person, whose page included a photo of him in a bright, white lab coat with his name and Doctor of Audiology embroidered upon it. A quick Google search brought up the office number for Dr. Brandon Lichtman, who happens to be a member of South Hills Lodge No. 761, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania and who was missing his Masonic wallet. Brother Lichtman was very pleased to learn that his missing wallet had been found and was in the hands of a Brother.

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