A New Year Brings A New Celebration

Ohio Masonic Home has refreshed its corporate branding with a new logo, effective with the launch of its newly designed website the week of Jan. 7, 2019. Each campus unveiled its new logo to community members, staff, and families during a rebranding celebration the first week of January. The parent board of directors approved the new logo, along with a tagline and revised mission statement to reflect the organization’s long-term vision to serve a new and growing generation. Going into the New Year, Ohio Masonic Home’s commitment to the fraternity is stronger than ever. With continued care and support at each of its three campuses as well as through the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center, Ohio Masonic Home continues to support and do outreach to Ohio Freemasons and their families across the state.

Since 1892, Ohio Masonic Home, and its subsidiaries, has progressed its services to meet the ever changing needs of those it serves. Founded by the Masonic Fraternity to care for Ohio Masons, their families, and children, Ohio Masonic Home evolved over time into a senior living provider. While still serving Ohio Freemasons and their families, Ohio Masonic Home, and its subsidiaries, opened its doors to the public over 20 years ago, and to this day continues to partner with each of its surrounding communities in providing excellent senior living options therefore promoting the fraternity as well as supporting it.

Previously, each entity had a separate logo. In the last few years, Ohio Masonic Home has made a concentrated effort to create a culture of “WE” across the entire organization. To overcome the general assumption that the campus was closed only to those affiliated with the Masonic Fraternity and to create more unity across the organization, the logo was updated to the acacia tree representing eternal life, and each of the five branches chosen to represent each of the three campuses, Ohio Masonic Home Foundation, and Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center. The color palette was enhanced with the colors green and orange, projecting life, energy, warmth and happiness. The exposed roots of the tree honor the Masonic Fraternity signifying the organization’s deep rooting in Masonic values.

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