A Message from The Grand Secretary

Brethren and Friends all,

Summer activities are in full swing. Whether you enjoy baseball, auto racing, motorcycling, picnics, camping, or maybe a little of each, I hope you are enjoying each day. Remember to take a minute to check in on your friends and neighbors.

I receive a lot of questions about Lodge tax status. Our members are not always clear whether their Lodge is classified as a 501(c)3 or 501(c)10, or if they pay taxes or not. In simple terms, a 501(c)3 is a nonprofit charitable organization, not subject to federal tax or state sales tax. A 501(c)10 is a not-for-profit domestic fraternity, not subject to federal tax but required to pay state sales tax. Ohio Masonic Lodges fall under a 501(c)10 definition. Let me try to clarify using a recent issue with The OMH Print Shop. A Lodge purchased some name badges and paraphernalia from The OMH Print Shop and thought they were tax exempt. Luckily, the Print Shop understands their status and explained the difference. The Lodge pays the state sales tax. For more information, please review www.irs.gov/charities or contact your local tax expert.

Did you know that we maintain a history file in the Grand Lodge office for each Ohio Lodge? Many contain items such as a programs from recent reconsecration ceremonies, special community celebrations, a copy of your Lodge history and even pictures of the Lodge building(s) over the years. If you are ever in the Springfield area, stop by the office and drop off the most recent Lodge history file, along with a picture, so we can keep your Lodge up to date.

The Lodge Secretaries are busy now reviewing their Annual Report information and updating their Lodge records before the year end close on July 31. Please thank your Secretary when you see him next. They are doing a great job keeping our member and Lodge information current.

The 2023 Membership Renewal Notices are scheduled to be emailed and mailed the second week in August. Credit card payment options will be available in your Grand View membership account, or you can send your payment to your Lodge Secretary. By updating your membership status early, you are helping to save on program costs and eliminate multiple communications. Remember, yearly membership renewal dues must be remitted on or before the Annual Meeting of your Lodge every November.

It’s an honor to serve the Grand Lodge of Ohio. The office staff is committed to serve you, so please call on us if we can be of any assistance.

It’s a Great Day for Freemasonry! Keith W. Newton, PGM, Grand Secretary

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