A Message from the Grand Master

Hello Brethren!

I have just recently completed my first three months as your Grand Master – and it has been a busy, yet wonderful experience. We are just about to enter the reception season and I am looking forward to seeing many of you as we start our journey around the state of Ohio.

When I was elected to this position, I laid out the plans, goals, and objectives of the Grand Lodge for the upcoming year – and I shared them with the Brethren during my Deputy Grand Master’s Rollout Program. I did so, because I believe that it is important that we all be held accountable for what we say we are going to do.

Are the plans aggressive for this year? Yes, they are. For me, it is more important to set the bar high and get as much done as you possibly can – rather than set the bar lower and not accomplish all that you could have done.

In late January, I will be presenting my first quarterly update to the Brethren. I will be discussing what the goals were and how your Grand Lodge is executing against them. I am happy to report that we have made significant progress in executing on a number of the items, and we are looking forward to making even more progress in the coming months.

COVID has once again raised its ugly head – and your Grand Lodge quickly executed our contingency plans to keep our Lodges operating. Lodges now have the flexibility to conduct virtual meetings if they feel it is not appropriate to meet in-person.

Virtual meetings are allowing our members – regardless of their location or situation – to engage with the Brethren of our Lodges. With virtual meetings, anyone with a smartphone, an iPad, a tablet, or a computer, can participate in a virtual Lodge meeting (while using tools like Zoom or Webex) – as long as your Lodge chooses to conduct virtual meetings.

My Brethren, if you are unable to attend your Lodge in-person, I encourage each of you to reach out to your Lodge and determine if they are conducting virtual meetings (and ask for help if you need assistance). Let your Lodge know that you want to participate and engage with them virtually if possible.

Over the coming months, there are many opportunities for our Lodges to try new things, new implementations, new technologies, and new processes. Our Masonic Fraternity cannot continue with “business as usual” and expect to prosper in the years ahead. We must adapt and do whatever is necessary to attract new men into our Fraternity, as the next generation of younger men will expect a more modern and updated organization.

The time is now for change – and I ask that each of you help make that change a reality, as the future of our organization depends on it.

In closing, I will leave you with a few comments and thoughts:

Dream Big, Think Big, and Execute Big.
Do not let the minutia get in the way of ALL OF US making progress.
Everyone has a role to play in the success of our Masonic Fraternity – and I ask you, what is your role?

My theme for this year is “Reflect on Freemasonry.” I’d like to encourage everyone to reflect on where Masonry has been – and more importantly, reflect on how we want to move our great Masonic Fraternity into the future.

God bless you, God bless our country, and God bless our great Masonic family.

Timothy S. Wheeland
Grand Master
Grand Lodge of Ohio

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