A Message from the Grand Master

Hello Brethren!

To the Brethren of Ohio -- thank you! I am truly honored to be elected and installed as your Grand Master. I am looking forward to the coming year. This year I am asking our Brethren and Lodges to focus on our Fraternal relations with my theme of “Building Brotherhood.” Building Brotherhood is more than just making Masons; it is about making connections with our Brethren, getting our Brethren back into our Lodges and making our Lodge experience one that will make our Brethren want to come back and be involved.

There are several initiatives that I have planned for this year. Some of you are already hard at work preparing your Lodges for one of them- the statewide Open House event on April 22, 2023. The key to the success of any event is planning and getting the word out. Each Lodge should have formed a planning committee and have some preliminary plans. The Grand Lodge has plans to advertise the event, but each Lodge can advertise locally. There is much to be done and I encourage all of the Brethren to get involved with the Open House in some manner. Perhaps you could help clean up the Lodge, maybe you are a Facebook user and you can help promote your open house, or volunteer to be present the day of the event to welcome the public and answer questions. Keep up the good work and help make the Open House an event the public will want to attend and learn about our Lodges.

This year Lady Jane Anne and I have chosen to support our Ohio Masonic Youth Groups. We believe that Charity begins at home and our youth are our future. We are asking the Masons and Ladies of Ohio to help in various ways. Through your financial support, you can:

  • Defray the costs for new members to join and participate in events
  • Help with the cost of clothing to meet the dress codes
  • Assist with the costs of insurance for the Chapters, Bethels, and Assemblies
  • Provide assistance with the cost of attending State and Regional Conferences
The youth groups are asking that we provide awareness of the youth groups, volunteer as adult leaders to serve in leadership roles, and include the members of the Masonic Youth Groups in Lodge activities. Perhaps a Lodge could invite the youth to a social event, a community service project, or just ask them to come to a dinner and get to know them. Remember, the youth are our future and where future members will come from.

Jane Anne and I are looking forward to supporting our Ohio Masonic Youth Groups and we hope you will too. Please visit the Grand Lodge website to donate or make your check payable to the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation with a notation on the check for the “2023 First Ladies Charity."

As we approach the holidays, Jane Anne and I would like to wish all of you the happiest of holiday seasons. May your homes be filled with love and you enjoy time with your family and friends.

Steven M Grindle
Grand Master
Grand Lodge of Ohio

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