Masonic Moonlight Journey

Have you completed your Masonic Moonlight Journey? Have you ever heard of the Masonic Moonlight Journey?

In days of old, when streetlights were few and headlights had not yet been invented, many rural Lodges met according to the light of the moon so that members traveling at night could safely see their way home.

Twelve Lodges still hold the lunar tradition of meeting by the light of the moon! This is your opportunity to visit them.

Several years ago, the Grand Lodge office began issuing the Masonic Moonlight Journey Certificate. The premise is to encourage Brothers to travel all across the state of Ohio visiting these wonderful Lodges that hold true to this lunar tradition. Once you’ve visited a Lodge, the Secretary affixes their Lodge seal and date of your visit on the certificate. This repeats until you’ve visited all twelve of the Lodges.

The miles are many and the hours are long to complete this journey. When you’re finished, the Brothers you’ve met and the places you’ve seen make it well worth it!

Here are the full moon dates for 2023: January 6th, February 5th, March 7th, April 6th, May 5th, June 3rd, July 3rd, August 1st, August 30th, September 29th, October 28th, November 27th, and December 26th.

Region Dist. Lodge Address City Meeting
SW 1 Montgomery #94 7790 Cooper Road Cincinnati Tuesday on or before
SW 1 Snow #193 213 George Street Harrison Saturday on or before
SW 6 Clermont Social #29 136 N. Third Street Williamsburg Friday on or before
SW 7 Leesburg #78 364 W. Main Street Leesburg Monday on the week
SW 7 Western Sun #91 11800 Gallia Street Wheelersburg    Tuesday on or before
SE 12 Portland #366 113 E. Main Street Oak Hill Thursday on the week
SE 12 Waterloo #532 St. Rt. 141 in Village Waterloo Wednesday on the week
SE 17 Doric #172 SR 555, 1 Block South of SR 669    Beavertown 1st Tuesday on or before
SE 18 Masterton #429 30635 Lebanon Road Lebanon Saturday on or before
SE 18 Stafford #300 30237 St. Rt. 145 Stafford First Monday on or before
CEN 19 Thrall #170 16 E. Sandusky Fredericktown Tuesday on or before
NE 24 Unionport #333 3451 County Hwy 39 Bloomingdale Saturday on or before

Please contact the Grand Lodge office at 614-885-5318 to start your Masonic Moonlight Journey today!

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