Hope for the Holiday

Family, laughter, and socialization are three things many of us associate with happiness. These are present all year round, but can be especially important during the holiday season. This happiness is depicted through children communicating with their parents and grandparents and sometimes reciprocating the care that they have received throughout their life.

What does the holiday season mean to you? For some, the holidays may not always bring a sense of happiness. The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center understands that, so we started Hope for the Holiday to help.

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons we offer Hope for the Holiday in addition to our routine outreach. This special program can provide help with basic needs like a holiday meal. It also offers the opportunity to "adopt a family" or a "grandparent" during the holiday season. It provides the gift of love during this time. We send care packages to people facing social isolation and loneliness. We also offer a special program for youth, providing a toy or gift for children that might not otherwise have anything to open on Christmas morning. If you know anyone that might benefit from this program, please contact your local Community Outreach Coordinator today. Or, if you would like to give, please contact The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation.

We will also be doing an adopt-a-grandparent program this holiday season to get youth involved in our outreach. If you have a child that would like to adopt a grandparent and write them a holiday card and/or sing them Merry Christmas, please contact Raquel Brown, Masonic Youth Outreach Program Coordinator, at 419-260-0855 today.

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