Grand Master Dickerscheid’s Travels All Around Ohio

MWB Richard A. Dickersheid & the Grand Line Officers. October 25, 2020, Wilmington, OH

Ohio Valley Lodge No. 536’s Inspection. February 19, 2021

Lodge of Amity No. 5’s Inspection. February 6, 2021

MWB Richard A Dickerscheid & his Lady Teri at his Installation. October 25, 2020 Wilmington, OH

Canton Lodge No. 60’s 200th Reconsecration. May 15, 2021

Norwood Lodge No. 576’s Installation. November 20, 2021

MWB Dickerscheid & Grand Line at the 9th District’s Grand Masters Reception. June 21, 2021

17th District Association Grand Master’s Reception. January 30, 2021

MWB Richard Dickerscheid shakes WB Chris Tyger’s hand along with Lady Teri at the 24th District Grand Masters Reception. April 24, 2021

Gibsonburg Lodge No. 575’s Inspection. February 11, 2021

Chandler Lodge No. 138’s Inspection. February 9, 2021

William H. Hoover Lodge No. 770’s Oyster Degree. March 10, 2021

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