Grand Lodge Unveils New Home Page

Following Grand Lodge in October, the Grand Lodge introduced a new home page designed to tell the world who we are and serve as a point of pride for our members. It is a centerpiece of our 2019 marketing campaign, This is Ohio Freemasonry, but it also provides members and visitors with access to reliable information about Freemasonry.

The web page puts a face on Freemasonry, and it lets people know that we are proud of our members and our membership in the world’s original fraternal society. Pictures of five Ohio Masons rotate through the page (example above), each one showing that masons are a diverse group of honorable men who work, raise families, volunteer, and enjoy life.

For the public, the page provides information about the Grand Lodge, its leaders, history, Lodges, and charities. There is a link to another web page for those who might be interested in joining a Lodge. There are many younger men in today’s society who know that a grandfather or uncle was a Mason, but they don’t know how to join themselves or who to contact. The Join page provides accurate information so that those who want to know more can take the first step and ask.

For members, there is a link to the blog providing updated information about what is happening in Ohio Masonry. There is also a link to the Member Portal.

Visit Freemason.com and explore the latest messages about what it means to be an Ohio Freemason.

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