George Washington Masonic Memorial Honors The Grand Lodge of Ohio as American Grand Lodge of the Month

Brethren, June is especially celebratory this year. Ohio was recognized as the American Grand Lodge of the Month. For all of June, our Lodge is on display at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Washington D.C. We are proud to showcase all of our Masons who have dedicated their lives to a journey of self-improvement, Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. We know that the strength of Ohio Freemasonry comes from the strength, kindness, and selflessness of every member. Cherishing our differences, coming together as Brothers, and improving our future.

Freemasonry is Thriving in Ohio
The Faces of Ohio Freemasonry are on display. For the Month of June, Ohio is being recognized as the American Grand Lodge of the Month at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Washington D.C. The Grand Lodge customized a display that captures the essence of Ohio Freemasonry by showcasing a selection of members, with our slogan, "This is Ohio Freemasonry." With the image, the poster reads:

Freemasonry is Thriving in Ohio. It beats strong in the hearts of 70,000 men in 450 Lodges across the state. Men from all walks of life who are working together to become even better while using the tools of our craft to improve the lives of their families, neighbors, and communities.

Ohio Freemasonry is the joy of golf in the early morning, the inspiration found in Masonic ceremony, or sharing cigars and scotch at the end of a busy day. It’s polar bear plunges and muskrat dinners for charity. It’s caring for those in need and celebrating life’s blessings with your brothers. Ohio Freemasonry is defined by the character of its members.

Truly, Ohio proudly remains one of the most active Masonic states in the Union. We are proud of our membership. We are proud of the way Freemasons of Ohio reflect on the past to move our craft into the future. We are proud to stand with a Brotherhood that provides charity to their communities.

Since the founding of our Grand Lodge and Masonic traditions in the state of Ohio, the journeys of every Ohio Mason has impacted countless lives. We are defined by our relentless commitment to help Brothers in need, from those suffering from medical ailments, to providing emotional support throughout this difficult year, to giving back through volunteering and collaboration. As it was 200 years ago it remains today: Our brothers are there for one another. As we acknowledge these successes as a fraternity, this should continue to inspire us all to be even better in our personal growth. Our fraternity has much to offer our communities, families, and strangers in need.

The George Washington Masonic National Memorial
Located in Washington D.C., this nine-story neoclassical monument is designated as a memorial, museum, active Masonic temple, research library, cultural space, community and performing arts center, and significant regional landmark.

The Memorial works to capture the legacy of George Washington and his impact on Freemasonry. In 2015, the memorial was officially designated as a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service. In their official recognition, the National Park Service wrote that the memorial is “the only major unified, fully national initiative of the Freemasons and among the boldest attempts by a private organization to memorialize George Washington.”

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