Baseball in My Backyard

When you hear “take me out to the ball game” you probably think about going to see a baseball game such as the Dayton Dragons, Cincinnati Reds, or Cleveland Guardians. Nearly 70 community members at Springfield Masonic Community came together from all across campus at the Clubhouse to celebrate Father’s Day with Tracy Jones, an outfielder who played with the Reds.

Everyone, not just the fathers, enjoyed Tracy’s presentation and willingness to answer questions. Tracy grew up in Los Angeles, and is one of seven people in his family that played professional baseball. He was even named for another baseball player, Tracy Stalwart. Jones was drafted to play 3rd base and was later moved to the outfield. Many community members also know him for his years on radio with Marty Brennaman.

If you are a collector, this was the place to be. Anyone who wanted a signed baseball card could have one just by asking. If you wanted your picture taken with Tracy, you could have that too.

What’s an afternoon of baseball without having traditional “baseball food” – grilled hot dogs and hamburgers with all the fixings. Professional baseball began in 1869, and many of the traditions associated with the game are still with us today.

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