More Appreciation for the Service of Our Brethren

In the last issue of The Beacon, The Grand Lodge highlighted our Brothers who serve their communities and districts as Elected Sheriffs. We discovered even more who served and would like to thank them for serving their communities.
Bro. William R. Barker
Perry County, 13th District
New Lexington Lodge No. 250

Bro. Lanny E. North
Hocking County, 13th District
Mingo Lodge No. 171

Bro. Dalles Baldwin
Franklin County, 14th District
West Gate Lodge No. 623

Bro. Malcolm (Jamie) Patton
Union County, 15th District
Mt. Carmel Lodge No. 303

Bro. Phil R. Stammitti
Lorain County, 22nd District
Black River Lodge No. 786
(President of the Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association)

Bro. Jeffrey D. Paden
Guernsey County, 23rd District
Guernsey Lodge No. 66

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