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Ultimately…I am

By Right Worshipful Brother Chad Kopenski Recently I was sitting with a group of Brethren from around the State. In the outside world, they were teachers, nurses, handymen, emergency services, businessmen, fathers, etc.; in the Masonic world, they represented all levels of involvement and experience. Over the course of the evening, as we discussed life…
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Ohio Freemasons Inducted into Halls of Fame

Right Worshipful Brother Steve Argast, Englewood Lodge No. 743, was recently inducted into the Dayton-area Softball Hall of Fame. He has played softball for some 50 years, including seasons with the West Milton Eagles and the Dayton Legends. Right Worshipful Brother Argast recently turned 70 and plans to keep playing ball as long as he…
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Tiffin Lodge Travels to Present Service Awards

Tiffin Lodge had the distinction of three members who were entitled to receive their 70 year service awards this year. However, they were not able to attend the Lodge’s annual awards banquet, so the Lodge took the celebration to them.
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Western Star Lodge Makes Donation to Boardman Police Department

The Brethren of Western Star Lodge No. 21 have donated funds to the Boardman Police Department for the purchase of a training apprehension suit for use with the canine unit. The suit will be used to train the canines and the officers assigned to them in the successful apprehension of suspects. The Boardman township trustees…
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