Trimming the Weeds for a Brother in Need!

Dick VanMeter, a member of Community Lodge #684, reached out to the Resource Center in need of someone to help clean up some weeds in his back yard. Dick and his wife are experiencing numerous health problems that hinder their ability to complete outdoor projects. Dan Shirk, Community Outreach Coordinator in Central Ohio, reached out to the 14th District Masonic Volunteer Program Chairman, David King, and to Masonic Volunteer, Matt Harmon for assistance. Within 30 minutes, Brother Harmon returned an email saying it would be taken care of that day.

Brother Harmon orchestrated a team of volunteers, including a brand-new Mason and MVP volunteer, Scott Abrams. They went to work. The job was a little more encompassing than they had thought, but they got it done. It was all cleaned up and hauled away by the next day. They spent two days in Brotherhood and service. That is what you call, "volunteers-in-action." The VanMeters were thrilled that this project was taken care of in such a timely and professional manner. Thank you to the volunteers below who made this happen and helped out a Brother in need.

Matt Harmon - Capital City Lodge #656, and his daughter Katie
Scott Abrams - Capital City Lodge #656
Kevin Sorrell - Community Lodge #684
Chris Ashton - Community Lodge #684, and his wife Courtney
Doug Smith - Community Lodge #684

If you are interested partnering with the Resource Center by joining a Masonic Volunteer Program Committee or starting one in your district, call DeAnna Kinney, MVP Coordinator, at 740-262-1974, for information. Our MVPs are our “eyes and ears” in the community, and sometimes are also our helping hands.

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