You’re Invited to Attend Fremasonuniversity.com

Are you looking to do a little traveling – maybe see a little more of the world of Freemasonry?  Well look no further.  Freemason University will allow you to explore the world of Masonic ritual , leadership, management and history all from your own home computer. Freemason University was created to give access to essential tools for today’s Freemason. Everyone has unique talents, and those talents can be developed into strengths by adding skills and knowledge. There are 3 main schools within Freemason University:  Ritual Appreciation, Management, and Leadership, each with their own resources including video, audio and handouts. Several new video courses have just been added.  So why not visit www.freemasonuniversity.com?  It may be just the travel experience you’ve been seeking.  Enjoy the Journey!

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