Together We Can…

When I was thinking of my theme, “Together We Can” I asked myself, how many different ways could Brothers in this great state utilize this theme in their daily lives? I am amazed at the number of Lodges, Brothers and other bodies of Masonry that have come together this year for many different and exciting events. I have witnessed Lodges coming together on community projects, Districts pulling the best people from their respective Districts together for the Grand Masters One Day Class, raising money and support for a young girl named Emily, raising money for the Memory Care units in Medina and in Waterville and thousands of Masons and their ladies that traveled to Put-in Bay for a historical day on that tiny island on July 4th to be part of the Cornerstone Reenactment Ceremony.  Ten Grand Lodges from the United Sates and Canada came together for this wonderful event. I am so proud of all of the Masons and their ladies for all that each of you do on an everyday basis. We have seen Lodges work very hard on Masonic Education, getting new members involved in their Lodge, raising money for every kind of charity that you can think of and a number of Lodges (13) celebrating anniversary’s from 50 years (Stow Lodge No. 768) to 200 years (Rising Sun Lodge no. 22). Each event was very enjoyable and I wish the best of luck to each of them. The Pay it Forward program has started very well, and I am proud to say that the first certificate issued was to my nephew Kyle, who has already petitioned and has received his first degree. My Brethren, the Grand Lodge Officers and I have traveled many miles this past year.  We have seen excitement and enthusiasm in so many parts of the state, and it is great to behold.  This needs to continue as we move into the future.  Young men are joining this great Fraternity, and we need to embrace the challenge to keep them involved and interested in our Craft.  If we don’t do it, ask yourself this.  Who Will?  Your Lodge Officers? Your Worshipful Master? Your Brother sitting across from you?  Why not make it YOU? I would like to thank all of the Grand Lodge Officers and Past Grand Masters for their support this year.  I could not have made this year as successful as it has been without each of you. It has been an honor for me to serve each and every Lodge and Mason in this great State.  I am very proud of the great work each of you do for your Lodge and your families. I have said it many times before, Freemasonry is the greatest fraternity in the world and we need to keep this going for many years to come.  Thank you again to each of you for a wonderful year.  It has been amazing. God Bless each of you and God Bless this Great Fraternity.

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