The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center: An Introduction

What is this Resource Center? The Ohio Masonic Home brings you a one-stop phone call for aging questions, needs and issues, and that is this resource center. It is designed to assist in keeping Masons and their families as healthy and independent as possible. Based simply on the idea of “aging how you want and where you want,” this is the easy, one-call way to obtain products and services that will help provide a positive aging experience. What exactly does that mean “provide a positive aging experience?” “Providing a positive aging experience” comes from the Ohio Masonic Home mission statement of being the trusted partner to help people age respectfully. It means that through the Resource Center, Masons and their families can receive assistance they need to live where they want and continue doing the things they enjoy as long as possible. The mission of the Ohio Masonic Home in honoring its Masonic Obligation is displayed in how the services are provided to Masons and their families. So how does the Resource Center accomplish this mission? The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center can quickly connect individuals to the Ohio Masonic Home campuses, home-based medical services, answer questions on aging, provide contacts to our Network of Excellence, refer Masons to appropriate local agencies, assist them in obtaining products to enhance the aging process, and share caregiving resources. Who is answering these phone calls and where are they located? Rebecca “Becky” Cason is your customer service representative in the Resource Center. She is located on the Ohio Masonic Home campus. She is quite knowledgeable about the organization and if she doesn’t know the answer, she knows the person who does. In addition to this knowledge, she provides that level of customer service that doesn’t exist in most places today. It is our commitment to provide Masons and their families with friendly, professional and responsive services. We look forward to partnering with you, how you want and where you want! For more information about the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center or how it can partner with you at any age, call toll-free  877-881-1623.

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