The Masons in Pro Wrestling Lecture

by Dale Pierce

zzzzzdd Recently my Wrestling in Akron book came out by Arcadia Press and in going through a number of old negatives for this, an interest in the wrestling  world that was as opposed to what you see on cable tv today was reborn. Give me the days of The Sheik, Cowboy Bob Ellis and the Brisco Brothers any day over what you have now. Be that as it may, I have also gathered photos, old programs, some old action clips and a wealth of material to develop my lecture titled Freemasons in Pro Wrestling. If your lodge would like to host such a lecture, roughly one hour in length, I may be reached at PierDal@yahoo.com for details. If I happen to be in the area, and a lecture coincides with my already being there, the lecture is free. Otherwise, I am open to do so for traveling expenses, again, dependent upon my schedule.  Additionally, there are two lectures. One is designed for a tiled lodge and the other for an untiled lodge, or open to the general public. Bookings depend on my surrounding timetable and availability. The wrestling world saw a number of interesting individuals who sought light in masonry. Among them would be legendary world champions Harley Race, Frank Gotch and Jim Londos. Others include Lord Athol Layton, Billy Watson, Spike Huber, The Destroyer, Jason “The Wolfman” Sanderson, Wild Red Berry, Dr. Jerry Graham, Rod Fenton, T.C. Reynolds, the legendary commentator Gordon Solie and the current Cleveland based promoter Jeff Traxler. Then of course we have me as well. I was initiated, passed and raised at Glendale 23 in Glendale, Arizona (where I heard the Londos tale I will mention shortly). In 1998 we moved to the Midwest and I took a demit to New Philadelphia 177 in New Philadelphia, Ohio. There I served as Lodge education officer from 2000 to 2012. An interesting but unproven story, which understandably would never appear in lodge minutes, tells of how matchmaker and  wrestler Jim Londos dealt with a rival businessman  when his new venue, The Phoenix  Madison Square Garden in phoenix opened to wrestling and boxing in 1929. A rival promoter and crew sliced the tires of over 40 cars in the parking lot to try to scare fans from coming to the new arena. The next week, lore has it Londos had lodge members patrolling the parking lot with bats and such. The vandalism stopped. These are just some of the tales available in the free lecture I am putting together. Interested parties should contact me and we will see what we can work out. 969052_10151633097759725_240613945_n

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