The Gift of Selflessness

Lodge Money Given(Left to right: William Dillon, Dennis Hughes, Terry Posey, Richard Ganion)

A gathering of the members of the Grand Commandery of Ohio 2nd Division were discussing the Pathways Memory Care Center located on the Springfield Masonic Community campus. After a few moments, Sir Knight William Dillon, Deputy Division Commander, commented, “It’s too bad that some of our Sir Knights are suffering from this terrible disease.  After spending so many years in study of our Masonic organization, and sharing their information with other Sir Knights, all of the information is now being lost.  We should do something to help if we can.”  So it was that with these words they decided to challenge each Commandery in the Second Division to raise $100.00.  The idea was met with great enthusiasm from the Commanderies and also from the Ladies Auxiliaries. It was their thought that if every Lodge, Chapter, Council, and Commandery in Ohio could see their way clear to join in the worthwhile cause, it would tremendously help their Brothers and Sisters in residence at the Memory Care Center. If you would like to make a donation toward one of the Memory Care Centers, feel free to contact the Foundation at 888-248-2664 for more information.

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