Rufus Putnam Award Presented to Thomas Moe

The Rufus Putnam award was presented to Brother Thomas Moe, a member of Lancaster Lodge No. 57, for his distinguished public service. Colonel and Brother Thomas Nelson Moe served in the United States Air Force from 1967 until his retirement in 1995.  He completed eighty-five combat missions during the Vietnam War, and endured five years as a prisoner of war.   He has been decorated for his service during times of war and peace, and has served in both command and staff positions. In addition to his military service, he served Notre Dame as the Chair of Aerospace Studies, Commander of the Air Force R.O.T.C. program, and as a fellow in Military Studies, Kroc Peace Institute. Since his retirement, he has served as the Director of the Fairfield County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, and most recently as the Director of Veterans Services for the State of Ohio. Brother Moe’s distinguished service record to country, education and government make him a deserving recipient of the Rufus Putnam Award, and a fine role model for his fellow citizens.

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