Residents form Lodge of Instruction

The Masons residing on the Springfield Campus of the Masonic Home recently formed a new club, the Springfield Community Lodge of Instruction.  A lodge of instruction is an association of Masons who gather to learn, practice and seek to understand Masonic ritual. Lodges of Instruction are most common in England where lodges often have stated meetings only quarterly. The Lodge of Instruction on the Springfield Campus provides Masonic residents a chance to enjoy the familiarity of the lodge experience without the bureaucratic or financial burden of an actual chartered lodge. “I’m proud of their dedication and was happy to give my blessing,” said Grand Master Easterling.  “It’s entirely their own thing - when they meet and what part of the ritual they practice.” The first meeting was held on February 13, during which the Brothers practiced opening and closing a lodge of Entered Apprentices.  A discussion was held about how they each became Freemasons.  A Master Masons’ Lodge was the focus of the March meeting, and the April meeting focused on the ritual of a Lodge of Fellow Crafts. “It’s nice to be able to work the ritual again,” explained Rick Elder, Past Master of Mt. Cory Lodge.  “It’s good for the brain, and it’s nice to get to know one another Masonically.” “We’ve been able to open and close a lodge in all three degrees and without any ritual books being opened in the room,” reported Bill Irwin, Past Master of New England Lodge. A planning meeting is held each month to determine the agenda for the Lodge of Instruction, and the residents take turns filling the various officer stations and places.  Lodge of Instruction meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 10 am in the Burkhart auditorium.  Masonic visitors are always welcome.

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