Ohio Masonic Home Foundation Annual Giving Calendar

Produced by the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation, the annual giving calendar highlights individuals living on our three campuses.  Focusing on people aging how they want and where they want, the calendar gives a visual expression of how important the gifts of the Fraternity are in supporting its Brethren, their wives and families in their aging journey. Between the period of Grand  Lodge, 2015, and March, 2016, the calendar is given as a token of thanks for every gift given to the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation. Besides the wonderful pictures and stories in the calendar, there is information about the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center as well as ways Brethren and Lodges can support the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation throughout the year. “Like many parts of the Springfield Masonic Community (SMC) campus, 2015 brought drastic changes to the Fitness and Wellness Center. In addition to a beautiful, new gym and classrooms, seven new pieces of equipment specifically tailored to the fitness needs of seniors were added, bringing residents a wide variety of options for physical activity. Physical Wellness Coordinator, Matthew Allen (Clark Lodge 101), does his best to make working out fun by creating musical playlists and themed classes to keep everyone engaged and excited. Rollie Lattnner (New England Lodge 4), Past Grand Master and SMC resident, can be found in the fitness center four or five times a week. His goal, as well as the rest of those who visit the center, is 150 minutes of exercise per week. He makes sure to incorporate his favorite activities: the treadmill, seated elliptical and even a bit of weight lifting. Rollie even has his own playlist which includes the great singers and musicians of the 1940s. While exercise is very important to Rollie, he has another reason for spending time in the Fitness Center. A small group of Hillman residents, all in the early stages of dementia, come down several times a week to take advantage of the new equipment. When Rollie’s wife, Joy was diagnosed with dementia several years ago, she began visiting the Hillman residents and listening to them read. As a teacher for 23 years, this simple activity allowed her to feel like she was back in the classroom.  When Joy passed away, Rollie took over; forming a special attachment. Rollie even makes the trip upstairs to accompany the Hillman residents down to the Fitness Center. For these residents in particular, Matthew has created a special workout program featuring a combination of seated exercise and trivia, to keep not only their bodies active, but their minds as well. Music is also an important part of this group’s routine, causing a notable increase in activity and willingness to participate. It is results like this that both Matthew and Rollie enjoy seeing. Matthew is very passionate about his job and is constantly trying to motivate people to enjoy being active. Class participation has been steadily increasing and Matthew dreams of even more space and instructors to be able to start tai-chi, yoga and even a Parkinson’s exercise class. Rollie calls the Fitness Center “a break in daily life” for his fellow residents, and says everyone sleeps better after a visit.” (January story from calendar)

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