Ohio Masonic Home Emergency Assistance Program

The Ohio Masonic Home is pleased to share that as of January 1, 2015 emergency assistance is available to Ohio Freemasons for aging, health, or safety needs. The purpose of the Ohio Masonic Home Emergency Assistance Fund is to help people financially through a tough time. The goal is to serve as many worthy and distressed Master Masons as possible with the resources available. This program reflects the Ohio Masonic Home’s vision of partnering with people to age respectfully; how they want, where they want. Common emergencies include assistance with utility bills, minor home repairs, minor home modifications for accessibility issues, small equipment repair, durable medical equipment (i.e. walker, cane, shower seat, grab bars, hand held shower, wheelchair, portable ramps), medical supplies, food, clothing, transportation, respite care and burial expense assistance. The Ohio Masonic Home Emergency Assistance Program is unable to pay for direct medical fees associated with examinations, procedures, prescriptions, clinic fees, or hospital stays. The criteria to qualify for Ohio Masonic Home Emergency Assistance:
  • Be a Master Mason, wife or widow of a Master Mason (in good standing at the time of passing) and;
  • Be 55 years of age or older or disabled, and;
  • Have an annual income less than $24,340 annually for an individual or less than $31,460 annually for a couple, and;
  • The assistance requested must be to address an aging, health, or safety need.
Requests for Ohio Masonic Home Emergency Assistance are taken by the Customer Service Representative at the OMH Resource Center. If you know of someone who could use emergency assistance, have them call toll-free 1-877-881-1623.

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