New Lodge on the Springfield Campus of OMH

A new Masonic Club has been formed at the Ohio Masonic Home’s Springfield Campus by brethren representing lodges in the Ninth Masonic District, with the intent of forming a new lodge that will meet there. The new lodge will be a daytime lodge that will meet on the first Monday of each month at 10:00 a.m. in Rickly Auditorium. The new lodge will be known as Morning Star Lodge and is named for the first Masonic Lodge to be established in Clark County in 1818. It later went dark in 1829. The lodge will give the residents of the Ohio Masonic Home the ability to attend lodge regularly and will be an advantage to those Masons who work the night shift and cannot attend evening meetings. It will also be an opportunity for night shift workers, who are non-Masons, to join the Masonic Order. The club is looking for brethren who might be interested in being a plural member and retain their primary membership in their home lodge. Any brother who might be interested in joining in this effort may call Robert J. Weller, PDDGM, at 937-390-0895 or John Maxwell, PM, at 937-342-8626 for further information.

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