Masonic Aging Services Acquires Canadian based Mobicare to Aid Unpaid Caregivers

   Logo_MobiCare_2.8.2MAS LogoThe_Next_36_FINAL On Thursday, April 11, 2013, Masonic Aging Services Corporation acquired Canadian based MobiCare with the mission of continuing its purpose and filling a current gap existing in healthcare.  “When we started this company a bit over a year ago, we embarked on a journey to help make easier the lives of families dealing with the management of Alzheimer’s disease through the use of technology,” said Omer Dor, Chief Executive Officer, EDO Mobile Health. That amazing journey started with MobiCare, which was developed to empower and enable the circles of care of people living with the conditions of related dementia. According to Alzheimer’s Association’s “Latest Facts and Figures”, in the United States alone, 15.4 million family and friends provided 17.5 billion hours of unpaid care to those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias in 2012— care valued at $216.4 billion, which is more than eight times the total sales of McDonald’s in 2011. Their involvement in The Next 36, a national entrepreneurial program designed to help young Canadians make an impact in their society, assisted the executive team in making substantial progress with MobiCare in a very short period of time. “Today it gives me a great deal of pleasure to let you know that MobiCare has been acquired by US-based Masonic Aging Services, a subsidiary of the Ohio Masonic Home, to continue and aid unpaid caregivers in their journey,” said Dor. “The acquisition of EDO Mobile Health underscores our commitment to deliver innovative technologies to those who need it most,” said Charles Dyer, President, Masonic Aging Services Corporation. “MobiCareTM adds a best-in-class mobile caregiving platform to Masonic Aging Service’s growing portfolio of products and services.” 95% of aging adults are staying home, which leaves only 5% choosing to stay in a senior living community. As an aging services organization Masonic Aging Services is reaching out, partnering with and bringing products and services to individuals to help them live where they want. “This organization not only shares our values and commitment to the aging population and its caregivers, it also has the operational and financial capabilities to grow the size of our impact to North America, as well as internationally,” said Dor. At a time when the general public is concerned with the coming changes to healthcare policy, this acquisition will bring new opportunity for the expansion of Mobicare and peace of mind to unpaid caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other chronic illnesses. “EDO Mobile Health had a vision for how an innovative mobile platform could change the way we care for our loved ones,” said Dyer. “This acquisition will accelerate that vision bringing access to the technologies, expertise and resources required to scale and innovate.” Masonic Aging Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ohio Masonic Home, is the trusted resource for Aspired Living by providing an appropriate level of leading edge, assistive technology as well as professional and service based support.

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