Eastern Star Appoints “Masonic Ambassadors”

gcoesc Logo Written by Marilyn Braatz There was a lot of excitement at the 2012 Ohio Grand Chapter session of the Order of the Eastern Star last fall, when 28 men were introduced as the first “Masonic Ambassadors” for the Grand Chapter.  Dressed in black tuxedoes, wearing sunglasses, and carrying briefcases, the Ambassadors resembled “Men in Black” as they entered the Grand Chapter room and were greeted with cheers and applause. The new group was created by Worthy Grand Matron Barbara Pelfrey, a member of Dayton Victory Chapter, and Worthy Grand Patron Ron Keller, Past Master of Montpelier Lodge #547, Past District Deputy Grand Master of the 5th Masonic District and Past Patron of Lillian Chapter # 41. The Masonic Ambassadors are one of several recent Eastern Star initiatives to expand chapter activity and build membership. The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization in the world that accepts both men and women as members.  Although women are the chief officers of the organization, men play an important supporting role and preside at the initiation ceremonies. “Our Order was created by a Mason, for the benefit of the wives, daughters, sisters, mothers and other female relatives of Master Masons,” Mrs. Pelfrey explained.  “Like the blue lodges, our chapters offer fraternal bonds and opportunities for personal growth and community service.” The Worthy Grand Matron noted that Eastern Star membership is dependent on the support and participation of Masons. “We hope our Ambassadors will help our two organizations develop closer relationships,” she said.  “We can accomplish so much more by working together.” The Grand Chapter also has published a new brochure, entitled “Building Partnerships,” which explains who may join the Order of the Eastern Star, the history of its Masonic founder, and the benefits of membership.  It also suggests a variety of activities that can be pursued jointly by Masonic lodges and Eastern Star chapters. Steve Moore, Past Master of Harmony Lodge #8  and Past Worthy Patron of Urbana Chapter #530, is coordinator of the Masonic Ambassadors. He also serves as Grand Sentinel of the Grand Chapter of Ohio, OES.  The Ambassadors are offering presentations to lodges in their area, and will be available at each of the upcoming one-day classes to answer questions and distribute informational brochures and OES petitions. The Ambassadors were all selected because they are active in Freemasonry, as well as in the Order of the Eastern Star. The 2013 Masonic Ambassadors are: District 1, Bill Robinson, Covered Bridge Chapter #591 District 2, Rory Wolff, Ravenna Chapter #46 District 3, Bud Cygan, New Hope Chapter #590 District 4, Dennis Lawson, Medina #266 District 5, Philip Lohmeyer, Icedore Chapter #299 District 6, John “Jack” Worcester, Port Clinton Chapter #267 District 7, Al Lawrence, Deshler Chapter #68 District 8, Leonard Johnson, Van Wert Chapter #48 District 9, Dennis Hughes, Pleiades Chapter #298 District 10, Robert Wise, Bucyrus Chapter #3 District 11, Garis Pugh, Bellefontaine Chapter #459 District 12, Ed Roberts, Wahneta Chapter #235 District 13, Rick Miller, Legacy Chapter #596 District 14, Howard McClure, Labelle Chapter #414 District 15, Jeffery Gallaher, Woodsfield Chapter #268 District 16, Henry Runt, Laura Chapter #264 District 17, Ronald Craven, Lorraine Chapter #1 District 18, Gene Group, Olivet Chapter #538 District 19, Howard Laudermilk, Belmont Chapter #555 District 20, Ron Hart, Dorcas Chapter #277 District 21, Harless Maynard, Miami Chapter #107 District 22, Mike Hanna, Clermont Chapter #135 District 23, Gary Sparks, Waverly Chapter #99 District 24, Dale Exline, Wellston Chase Chapter #162 District 25, David Fox, Racine Chapter #134 District 26, Jerry Augustine, Rawson Chapter #550 District 27, Fred White, Thornville Chapter #156 District 28, Don Voiers, Wheelersburg Chapter #516

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