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A Message from the Grand Master

The Gift that Changes Lives I remember when a friend of mine – a Past Master from another Lodge – said that becoming a Master Mason is or should be a life-changing experience. It was about fifteen or sixteen years ago. I was already a Past Master of my Lodge, but until that day, I…
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FreeMasonry to Celebrate the Tercentennial of the United Grand Lodge of England

2017 will be a major milestone for Modern Freemasonry, marking the traditional formation date of the first Masonic Grand Lodge on St. John Baptist’s day, June 24, 1717 near St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, England. According to the traditional history included in James Anderson’s Constitutions of the Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons, “King George…
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Ohio Masonic Home 125th Anniversary Parade

WE WANT YOU... to be a part of this red-letter event! Save the Date: Sun day, Jun e 4, 2017 Join us as we recreate the historic march from downtown Springfield to the Ohio Masonic Home in celebration of 125 years of service to the Freemasons of Ohio. Download the Parade Flyer to fill out…
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Scottish Rite Apartments

Have you heard about Springfield Masonic Community? Located on the edge of Springfield, Ohio, this campus boasts wide, open spaces and scenic views on its 250-acres, while still being within a short drive, ten minutes or so, of your favorite city conveniences! The latest gem, the Scottish Rite Independent Living Apartments, features spacious one and…
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