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Get to Know the Foundation Staff

Greetings from the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation. In a previous issue of the Beacon it was promised that I would share with all of you a little bit about the amazing employees within the Foundation. The time has come and here is a short vignette of the employees serving you. Cathy Spencer has been a…
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Three Distinct Knocks

By WB Martin O’Brien Envision if you will a young man, a man who has grown up in relative financial and material comfort but in moral and spiritual ambiguity. Understand, that this man I am describing is not me but I can tell his story. You may even know him or another person like him.…
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The Origin of the Mortarboard Hat A Symbol of Graduation

By Russell Herner, PDDGM There are many old customs and traditions that people participate in today without ever really knowing the original purpose for doing so. In some instances, the initial meaning of these traditions has been lost over time, and no one ever questions their beginnings. The meaning behind millions of students wearing the…
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Words from the Resource Center Coordinator

Raquel Flanigan, Resource Center Coordinator is excited about all the opportunities and services provided by the Resource Center. With continued growth within the department this will allow assistance to even more families and individuals. In fulfilling this role Raquel states, “I’m looking forward to utilizing my diverse background in nursing, case management, discharge planning, and…
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