WB Dick Rose: Veteran, Lawyer, Mason

Richard “Dick” Rose was born in Ashtabula on Sept. 24, 1920. Dick Graduated from Shaw High School and went on to earn a Business Administration degree from Western Reserve University. He was just months shy of completing his Juris Doctorate when the United States entered World War II.

Rose being a life-long lover of boats immediately enlisted in the Navy. He was then commissioned in under six months as a commanding officer on a PT boat used for air and sea rescue in the Pacific. He was assigned to Long Beach, California Navel Station. During this time his commanding officer, Robert Montgomery (actor, director, and producer) took a liking to him in. Due to their relationship during downtime Dick’s boat and crew were used in several films such as the 1945 musical/comedy “Bring on the Girls,” about a millionaire who joins the Navy to find a girl. During this time, he met and formed bonds with many actors, such as James Cagney.

Discharged from the Navy in January 1947 Rose returned to Law school and moved back to Ashtabula County to practice law. Rose and his wife “Jean” raised five children, eight grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren, and four great-great grandchildren!

On May 5, 1948, Dick petitioned Orion Lodge No. 353 in Kingsville, Ohio. He was a first-generation Mason and had started to notice gentlemen he encountered in his work were all Masons. He finally asked one of them how he could become one and the rest is history! By June 28, 1948 Dick was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. Rose almost immediately jumped into the officer line and started learning ritual as fast as he could. During his journey through the chairs, he successfully gave all three charges and lectures. In November of 1955, Dick was installed as Worshipful Master of Orion Lodge No. 353. Of his year in the East and his journey through the chairs, he said he was proud of the accomplishment of becoming Master and learning the Charges/Lectures. Rose said, “You don’t get to the East without hard work and dedication.”

Rose who resides in a nursing home is still sharp as a tack. He reads the Wall Street Journal daily and listens to audio books courtesy of the Library of Congress program that they send for free! He also has a complete set of 79 hours of the King James Bible and New International version to keep him on top of the Bible study class he leads at the Villa. Rose is the oldest living member of Orion Lodge and come this September he will turn 102 years old!

Thank you, Worshipful Brother Rose for your service to our Country and to our Fraternity! SMIB!

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