A Virtual 100th Birthday Celebration

Imagine you’re getting ready to turn 100 and have a big birthday bash scheduled with all of your loved ones. Family is scheduled to come in from out of state and you’re getting ready to celebrate what less than 1% of the population will live to be. And then a global pandemic happens…

This is true for Faith Garrison, a community member at Springfield Masonic Community, a senior living community located in Springfield, Ohio. Through state executive orders, the community had to restrict guests and large group gatherings, but this didn’t stop the Springfield Masonic Community leadership team from coming up with an innovative and creative way to celebrate in style.
Faith celebrated her 100th birthday on April 7th with all her friends and family, virtually. She was sung to by her grandchildren and blew out her candles all while her loved ones watched. She even went viral on the Springfield Masonic Community’s Facebook page with a sign asking for 100,000 shares, likes, and comments!
Coming up with creative and innovative ways to make Faith’s birthday truly special is an example of a typical day for the leaders at Springfield Masonic Community. The tagline for the entire organization is “Where LIFEstyle sparks new beginnings.” It’s a very social and active campus where zip lining and hot air balloon rides excite. How would a campus who thrives on social connection keep that spark going through a pandemic? Easy. As soon as the pandemic started, Springfield Masonic Community, part of The Ohio Masonic Home, started passing out tablets pre-loaded with virtual communication platforms like Skype and FaceTime, campus-update information, COVID-19 reference materials, and telehealth programs to community members to prevent isolation and loneliness through a campaign called #OMHTogether – Powering the Connection.
The #OMHTogether – Powering the Connection campaign has connected loved ones again so that they can wish each other good night and blow each other a kiss. Grandparents have been able to see their grandchildren and spend Easter Sunday with them virtually. Family members have been able to say their final goodbyes through technology where otherwise would’ve had to stay away and not get the chance. The Ohio Masonic Home, and all of its subsidiaries, has always prided itself on being innovative and providing the latest technology to those they serve.
To learn more about the campaign, visit theomhfoundation.org/connect or call The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation at 1-888-248-2664.

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