Veterans, Patriots, Masons, Men: Sojourners

The Purposes of National Sojourners shall be to organize current and former members of the uniformed forces of the United States, and Honorary Members, who are Master Masons and U.S. citizens into Chapters, for the promotion of good fellowship among its members, for assisting such as may be overtaken by adversity or affliction, for cultivating Masonic ideals, for supporting all patriotic aims and activities in Masonry, for developing true Patriotism and Americanism throughout the Nation, for bringing together representatives of the uniformed forces of the United States (past and present) in a united effort to further the military need of National Defense, and for opposing any influence whatsoever calculated to weaken the National Security. In all of Ohio only one city could lay claim to an active chapter of National Sojourners, Cleveland. While that is still true today, on June 17 in the Burkhart Auditorium at Springfield Masonic Community, Brothers from across the state gathered to begin the journey of resurrecting the Dayton chapter. “As president I have brought in many men from the Dayton Area and always felt sad that they could not participate in our activities because of the travel distance. With the resurrection of Dayton No.67 they will now be able to become active and stay active in their own community,” said Ron Runion, President, Cleveland No. 23. Worshipful Brother Jesse Pertee, Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center Liaison was elected President, and Right Worshipful Brother Dan Shirk, Ohio Masonic Home Foundation Community Outreach Manager was elected Secretary. Ten applications were accepted and the members initiated with plans to grow that number over the coming months. The new club will meet quarterly on the Springfield Masonic Community campus and anyone interested in joining are encouraged to contact President Jesse Pertee at jpertee@ohiomasonichome.org or Secretary Dan Shirk at dshirk@ohiomasonichome.org. “I see this pulling together both residents and nonresidents both on and off campus as a unified group to promote brotherhood and Americanism,” said Jesse Pertee, President, Dayton No. 67. “It’s about esprit de corps and fellowship.” Quick Facts What: National Sojourners Who can join: Master Masons in good standing, who have served or are serving in the military are eligible. Or if you are deeply patriotic this organization is for you. Our ladies are welcome to attend meetings as well. Community outreach: Creating or participating in patriotic events such as parades, memorial services, flag presentations, Junior ROTC award recognition and more. Meeting Frequency: Quarterly To Join: Dayton No. 67 – Contact Jesse Pertee at jpertee@ohiomasonichome.org or Dan Shirk at dshirk@ohiomasonichome.org Cleveland No. 23 – Contact Ron Runion at rlrunion@gmail.com or 330-618-9553

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