Staying Safe Right at Home

The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center Liaisons walk along-side our Masons, their wives and widows, and members of Ohio Eastern Star to make sure our folks have their health and safety needs met where they live, whether on one of our campuses or in their own homes. A Liaison builds relationships within the fraternity, oftentimes providing services over the course of months or years. Sometimes a need can be easily met with a quick phone call or a referral to the Masonic Volunteer Committee or to a local community resource. Other times the Liaison keeps in touch, managing new needs as they arise. Such is the case with our friend, David (Tony) Staats from Harrisonville Lodge #411 in Southern Ohio.

Tony first became acquainted with the Liaison in Southern Ohio, Melissa Hirn-Pulliam, following medical issues related to his diabetes over a year ago. He initially received assistance through the Resource Center Emergency Assistance Program to modify his bath and rebuild the steps into his home due to safety concerns. One of the MVP volunteers also helped with transportation when needed for special appointments out of town. This summer, Tony began to experience issues with the electrical wiring in his home, eventually losing power to half of his house. The help of a local electrician was requested as the project was too great for volunteers from the Lodge to address. After the scope of the project was determined, Charles Wilson (Worshipful Master of the Lodge), Harry Roush (Lodge Secretary), and District Deputy for Masonic District 12, James Mann, submitted an application to the Grand Lodge Charitable Foundation to request assistance in safely keeping Tony in his home. The Liaison ruled out other avenues of assistance and provided an assessment of Tony’s needs to the Grand Lodge committee. The request for assistance through the GLCF was approved. The work was completed within a week with Tony and his family safely remaining in their own home. The Liaison will continue to walk along with Tony, providing assistance and guidance when needed to help him to maintain his independence and remain at home.

Pictured above, from left from Harrisonville Lodge #411: Glenn Brown, Junior Warden and Trustee; Charles David Wilson, Worshipful Master and Trustee; Melissa Hirn-Pulliam, OMHRC Liaison; Ronnie Casto, Tyler; Harry Roush, Secretary; Tony Staats, Junior Deacon; and Charles Edwin Wilson.

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