Stay true to your resolutions

Greetings Brethren and Friends all…This is another Great Day for Freemasonry! By now you have settled in after the holiday season, decorations packed up for another year, cookies and treats are gone and the house is back to normal…well almost. My family has settled in for another winter in Ohio. For us it’s a time for our family to gather for game nights, movie nights, and grandchildren sleepovers with lots of hot cocoa to stay warm. What are your family winter habits?

Ohio Freemasonry is always very busy following our Annual Grand Lodge Session. Annual meetings, officer election/installations, Masonic Service awards, all signs of the new year. Lodges often set out with new resolutions or promises each year much like we do for ourselves when the ball drops at midnight. Whether the Master is implementing new programs or scheduling traditional Lodge events, new year goals are established.

Stay true to your goals or resolutions. Typical resolutions of exercise and diet start strong but fade over time. They need to be renewed periodically, if not daily, to realize long term results. Stay true to your resolutions just like you do your Masonic obligations. I don’t know about you, but I renew my obligations every day with every choice I make and in everything I do. Stay true to your obligations in every choice you make each day.

Thanks to all of our Lodges who “Step Into the Light” for our Masonic Widows. An important charge in our Lodge Charter is to care for our Widows. I have seen where many of you recognize your Widows at special meetings, dinners and receptions. Some Lodges deliver gift baskets during the Holiday Season, and we have some that provide support and services to aid our Widows throughout the year. What does your Lodge do for your Masonic Widows? As you Live your Charter in 2020, do something special for your Masonic Widows.

You are making a difference Brethren! Kudos to our Ohio Masonic Facebook force who are posting the “How to update your Grandview Membership account” step by step directions. The increased awareness from all of you is moving the needle in our Grandview membership program. I am proud to report all four communication avenues in our member accounts have realized improvement since the Deputy Grand Master Roll Out presentations in August 2019:

  • Email addresses from 36% to 40% or 2875 members.
  • Mobile phones from 23% to 27% or 2875 members.
  • Home phones from 58% to 59% or 718 members.
  • Verified mailing addresses from 88% to 90% or 1436 members.
Keep up the great effort! Accurate information is the first requirement to good communication. Help our Lodges improve their communication ability by updating your Grandview account.

Brethren, it’s a time for personal renewal and rejuvenation in our craft. Step into the Light in your Lodge, assume new responsibilities and continue to perfect the ashlar of your Masonic journey.

Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply and Speak Kindly.

Keith W. Newton, Grand Master

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