Royal Scofield Society Holds 1st Annual Meeting

The Royal Scofield Society was organized and inducted its first members at the Grand Lodge Annual Communication in Marietta, Ohio. MWB Charles R. Murphy was appointed the first Dean of the Society by then Grand Master, MWB Jess N. Raines, who attended the first Society banquet and welcomed the first Masters of the Society.

The Royal Scofield Society is considered the premier graduate school of Masonic education in Ohio. It is named after MWB Royal C. Scofield, who was chairman of Masonic education in Ohio for many years and passed away in 2006. He remains an inspiration to this day, and many older masons remember receiving training from MWB Scofield, who was famous for his red pencil corrections and his kind and encouraging words.

There are three levels in the Society: Fellows of the Craft, Pillars of the Craft, and Masters of the Craft. Each level presents the Mason with progressively more complex activities and assignments. The Mason who becomes a Master of the Craft has demonstrated his knowledge of Freemasonry, traveled to other Lodges, mentored and helped other Masons learn their work, and conducted in-depth research into Freemasonry.

As a Master of the Craft, the Mason becomes a voting member of the Society. He is entitled by Code to write the initials R.S.S. after his name whenever he signs in to Lodge or sends an Masonic letter. He also receives a custom struck medal to wear at all Masonic functions.

Any Master Mason in good standing can enroll in the Royal Scofield Society by going to his Member Portal and clicking the purple tile marked Royal Scofield Society. There is a cost for each level, which can be paid online. Visit Freemason.com and select Members from the top menu. Sign in (or sign up) for the Member Portal. The Royal Scofield Society option will appear as a purple tile or square on the portal page.

Congratulations to the first Masters of the Royal Scofield Society!

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