The Royal Scofield 3rd Induction Ceremony

The Royal Scofield Society held its 3rd annual Induction Ceremony at Sharonville-Calvary Lodge No. 204 on Thursday October 14th. The 10 members inducted bring the total number of Brothers who have completed all facets of the society better known as “Masters of the Craft” to 32. Unfortunately, we had one Brother who could not attend and will be inducted at a later date. Congratulations to all who have finished their journey putting in copious amounts of time working toward this goal! Aedificate Exemplo (Build By Example)!


23. Adam C. Newsome – New Carlisle #100 – Masterpiece: Biography of WB William M. Berry
24. Stanley E. Kopp, Sr – Ashland #151 – Masterpiece: Why do Masons Acknowledge a Higher Power?
25. Samuel J. Batten – Ameila #590 – Masterpiece: Construction of Steps for Fellow Craft Lecture (Not Present)
26. George E. Moore – Celina #241 – Masterpiece: “An Empty Chair” – A Masonic Poem
27. Gergory M. Kita – Cleveland #781 – Masterpiece: “Practice What You Preach” – The Working Tools
28. Keith J. Manbeck – Mercer # 121 – Masterpiece: The Acacia: Scientific, Biblical, & Personal Meaning
29. William J. Laseur, Jr. – Emery #258 – Masterpiece: Circumpunct Display Case
30. James B. Parker IV – Wick #481 – Masterpiece: The York Rite Story
31. Ronald A. Mulkey – Russellville #166 – Masterpiece: Army Leadership Principles in the Masonic Lodge
32. Edward E. Paulson – Theodore Breck #714 – Masterpiece: The Formation and Early History of Theodore Breck #714
33. Alfred C. Butler – Alpha #729 – Masterpiece: How My dad Introduced Me to Masonic Principles Through Science Fiction

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