Resource Center Program Updates

Masonic Volunteer Program
2020 has been a roller-coaster of a year. But amidst the trying times, there were many instances of great compassion and selfless giving that shine a spotlight on our Masonic Volunteer Program Committees and their efforts throughout the state. Our volunteers are such an integral part of the Resource Center, allowing us to reach more people and going above and beyond to express care, compassion and concern. For information on becoming an MVP volunteer, please call DeAnna Kinney at 740-262-1974.

Masonic Youth Outreach Program
Did you know we offer kinship care resources and information on education, online learning, scholarships, and other available resources? If you are interested in writing to a senior, please let us know. Our pen pal program is just getting started! There are many things you can do from the comfort of your own home that can make a world of difference to someone. Contact Raquel Brown at 419-260-0855 for more information.

Masonic Bereavement Program
The Resource Center continues our efforts to assist Masonic and Eastern star widows’ and widowers’ through our Masonic Bereavement Program. Through this program, we offer support to widows and widowers, and others suffering after the loss of a loved one. We provide information on important documentation to gather and numbers to call (Social Security, Medicare, etc.,) as well as information on grief and loss, local resources, and contact information for the community outreach coordinator closest to the surviving spouse or family. We enclose pamphlets tailored to their situation and follow up with a phone call. For more information, or to provide your Lodges’ widows list, please contact Bobbi Schickler (513) 567-1100.

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