Ready to Answer the Call

Dear Brethren,

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” These are the words of John Maxwell and they articulate the qualities of leadership and innovation exemplified by The Ohio Masonic Home. For nearly a hundred and thirty years we’ve continuously adjusted our sails, preparing for any challenge that awaits.

So when this COVID-19 pandemic hit, we were ready... ready to connect our community members with their families and loved ones and lessen the feelings of isolation and loneliness. Early investment in The Home’s infrastructure positioned the organization with the ability to provide state-of-the-art technology across the state.

Through the build out of The Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center, a resource unlike any other aging services provider, we were ready to answer the call of our Brethren, their wives and widows living at home and in distress. The connection to a friendly voice who could act on a specific need, or to simply be a listening ear to instill calm and confidence.

And we were ready as we are blessed with thousands of volunteers, employees, vendors and donors, who were lined up and ready to help keep each other safe. Everyone working together, acting quickly and concisely, knowing that waiting to do the right thing just wasn’t an option.

In this issue of the Beacon, as you read articles about overcoming the pandemic, about the incredible stories of connectedness, I would ask you to consider what role you play in being part of our collective success. If you are already serving the Home in some capacity, thank you! If you interested but unsure, simply reach out to an Ohio Masonic Home employee, Trustee, Ambassador or volunteer and we will share the many ways in which you can advocate, volunteer or financially support The Home and Foundation. In all cases, I would ask that you check-out theomhfoundation.org/connect to learn about the #OMHTogether – Powering The Connection campaign and the work that is happening to keep our community members and clients safe, healthy and connected.

In closing, I want you all to know that we are also ready, when Ohio’s stay-at-home order is lifted, to see you all in-person and express just how grateful we are for your support of our Ohio Masonic Home.

Brother Scott Buchanan
CEO, The Ohio Masonic Home

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