The Power of Brand: This is Ohio Freemasonry

We all know famous brands: Apple with the bite that appears on all iPhones, Microsoft Windows with the four colored panes, Google with its minimalist simplicity, or Starbucks green and the mermaid. So what about Freemasonry? What exactly is our Brand? First, you might say, the square and compasses. It has been used around the world for three hundred years. But the next question is how do we make it our own?

The Grand Lodge came up the image of the Square and Compasses over an outline of the State of Ohio. To this we added the campaign slogan, “Not Just a Man. A Mason.” This slogan was developed by the Scottish Rite Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, and today it is being used around the world in several languages. All three elements work together to tell the world where we are, who we are, and what makes us special.

We wanted to show the world that Freemasons, and especially Ohio Masons, are good men from all walks of life, all ages, and backgrounds. We started with the campaign, This is Ohio Freemasonry, and we picked five Ohio Masons to represent us.

This is Ohio Freemasonry identifies a real Ohio Mason. It tells who he is, what he does, what makes him special, and includes the campaign slogan, the Square and Compass, and the Ohio Masonic logo.

The Grand Lodge has continued this campaign to show the world real Masons by introducing a different Masons every Monday on Facebook. “Mason Mondays” has become a staple of the Grand Lodge Facebook page, and we invite any Mason to submit his picture, basic information, and volunteer for Mason Mondays. Right Worshipful Brother Jim Hieb manages the Mason Monday program, and he is always looking for new faces.

If you would like to volunteer, submit your name, contact information, and a photo to ohiolodgelife@freemason.com.

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