One Call Away to Renewed Independence with the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center – New Sight for Weary Eyes

Brother Jim Masters was diagnosed with macular degeneration. He could not see to read any of his mail, newspapers, or fliers and stayed in his room on account of not being able to read what was happening and when on campus. Through the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center, Jim was connected to a support group for individuals with vision loss. The President of this group has donated over 39 closed circuit electronic magnifying machines that can enlarge images up to 40 times, and donated one to Jim. The Resource Center coordinated with the Western Reserve Masonic Community Wood Shop, run by residents, to custom build a table to fit Jim’s height so he can pull up in his power chair to use his new machine. With this, our Brother is able to read his newspapers, invitations and fliers again. “I feel connected to the world again,” he said. Now he spends three hours per day using his machine and says he would be lost without it. Jim’s weary eyes have been given new sight.

Pay attention to Brothers and Ladies who have suddenly left your social circle. You could be the reason they reconnect!

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