One Call Away to Renewed Independence with the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center – The Difference a Month Can Make, in the Life of a Brother

When Edward Arbaugh came to Browning Masonic Community (BMC) he was in a wheelchair and completely reliant on the staff to leave his apartment. Enter the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center. Worshipful Brother Jesse Pertee, Resource Center Liaison, was brought up to speed regarding the situation by the staff at BMC during an Aging in Place meeting, and quickly went to work. He soon found that Brother Arbaugh was a veteran, and initiated registering him with the V.A. to see if there are any benefits available to help him regain his freedom.

As the V.A. process can take some time, Worshipful Brother Pertee sought a temporary solution in the form of a mobility scooter. Upon inquiring with Jason Aberegg, Director of Engineering at Western Reserve Masonic Community, he found out that Jason knew of a scooter that could be used until a permanent solution could be found. After that, things moved quickly, Jesse loaded up the scooter and transported it to BMC, where delivery was met by excitement and smiles from Brother Arbaugh. Fifteen minutes and a little training later, Brother Arbaugh was happily scooting down the hallway outside his apartment. When asked what he was going to do first he said, “I’m going to get outside and check out the campus!” While the V.A. is still processing Brother Arbaugh’s paperwork, the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center was able to open that resource to him and restore his independence in less than one month. What difference will the next month make in the life of a Brother? You have the power to decide.

After suffering from multiple health issues Sue Parker, a Masonic widow, reached out to the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center for help. Her apartment may have had only one step at the entrance, but to someone like Sue it was becoming harder and harder to lift her walker up that step. Becky Cason, Resource Center Coordinator, was on the other end of Sue’s call that day and was able to find and purchase a portable ramp for her. With her new ramp being portable, Sue can not only bring her groceries in to her apartment, but she can also use it to get into the laundry room at her complex. Conquering a single insurmountable step with one phone call, and opening the door to increased independence and freedom for Masons, their wives, widows and families is the purpose of the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center. Keep your eyes open for brothers and ladies who may be facing insurmountable steps. You can help! Brother Jim Masters was diagnosed with macular degeneration.

He could not see to read any of his mail, newspapers, or fliers and stayed in his room on account of not being able to read what was happening and when on campus. Through the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center, Jim was connected to a support group for individuals with vision loss. The President of this group has donated over 39 closed circuit electronic magnifying machines that can enlarge images up to 40 times, and donated one to Jim. The Resource Center coordinated with the Western Reserve Masonic Community Wood Shop, run by residents, to custom build a table to fit Jim’s height so he can pull up in his power chair to use his new machine. With this, our Brother is able to read his newspapers, invitations and fliers again. “I feel connected to the world again,” he said. Now he spends three hours per day using his machine and says he would be lost without it. Jim’s weary eyes have been given new sight. Pay attention to Brothers and Ladies who have suddenly left your social circle.

You could be the reason they reconnect! Available statewide, call 877-881-1623 today to find out how the Ohio Masonic Home Resource Center can help you or someone you know who is in need.

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