On the Road Again – But Safely!

The Grand Master and Grand Lodge are on the road again, catching up on visits and ceremonies that had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 emergency – all following proper public health orders, of course. In some cases, the Grand Master has hopped on his motorcycle and travelled for a surprise visit to a Lodge. In other cases, he has led a Reconsecration Ceremony for Norwood Lodge and presented Community Service and Youth Awards. Grand Master Newton allowed Lodges to begin meeting again on June 10, 2020, and issued a dispensation that allows all Ohio Lodges that usually go dark for the summer to continue meeting in July and August if that is their wish. Summer meetings are not a requirement, but they are an option at the discretion of the Worshipful Master. In all cases, Lodges must follow proper public health rules regarding masks, social distancing, group size, and food service. Members are encouraged to act in a manner that promotes their own safety. If they are not comfortable in attending meetings, they should not go. It is that simple. If the current rules and regulations hold, the Grand Master will visit a number of Districts and Lodges during July and August as well as September in order to lead the Craft forward into whatever the new normal will be.

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